Tuesday, 25 November 2014

snow birds

FILM: Lomography Colour Negative 100ISO
CAMERA: Nikon FM10

Dates range from  summer 2013 - spring 2014.
I probably said this before, but definitely one of my favourite non-expired films ever (that I've so far used). Most likely used some plastic filters on some.



CAMERA/FILM: Walgreens Disposable Camera 400ISO

I scratched the lens and coloured it with red, blue, and probably yellow permanent markers. Time range is spring-summer 2012.  LIKE ALWAYS,  high quality versions are on flickr.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

beware of the cat

FILM: CVS Color Film 400ISO
CAMERA: Nikon FM10

These pictures will be late 2012 - early/mid 2013. Sometimes I used my Lomo filters - so assorted plastic plates of red, blue, yellow, and maybe green. Again, higher quality photos are on flickr.

my Dad in-between selling his 4th Harley and buying the one he currently has now (5th)