Thursday, 29 September 2011

One, Two

I've kept a consistent journal for a little over a year now, but lately I've been experimenting with story telling. I never really thought myself to be one for words, but there's no harm in trying. Here's my first attempt at a (very) short story.

        One said hello to Two. 
                  They started walking along a mass of water; probably a river or a lake, but they               couldn’t decide what the requirements were for either, so they just decided that it is                 just H2O gathered into a presumably irregular geometric shape.

                 “You know,” said one to the other, “you are mostly water, but you don’t look like               that mass at all. You have flesh, and hair, and eyes, well yours are blue like that water,           but you have lips and I am sure that the water there doesn’t.”
     “Well, it is a body, though. Just a body of water,” said One.
     Two felt slightly defeated and was sad because that thought was the best that Two had had all day.