Thursday, 23 June 2011

from the past

I'm not too close to finishing anything new, so I decided to upload some old film photos.
These are from 2009. I would eventually like to upload some from last year, but the scans are currently unavailable to me..
It is interesting to see how I've changed, or not changed, through art.

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Sunday, 12 June 2011


More film!

I haven't been this pleased with a film roll in a bit. This time, I decided to experiment with a homemade filter. It was basically a piece of saran wrap quickly coloured with a yellow permanent marker at my local craft store. 
I was hoping for and expecting extremely yellow photographs, but instead the filter gave a dreamy, slightly warm feel to the already pink-toned film.
I really can't wait to experiment more with filters!

(clicking will make it larger, as usual)

FILM: Kodak Max (expired 2005) 400 ISO
CAMERA: Nikon FM10 

(one of my favourites)

I had made a red filter using the same permanent marker colouring technique and just placed it over the yellow one.  I have a feeling that it will play with my film again soon.

another favourite

oh and I also planked for the first time:
more of this too!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sam I Am

Some fisheye! Half of it didn't turn out because I tried to photograph in too dark of an environment. ]:

Overall, I have been very happy with my fisheye (Sam). I like that I can quickly take a picture, but it still has a special quality to it.
Sometimes I feel like I take too many random/non-fisheye appropriate pictures with Sam. But they are probably just fine and I am overanalysing them.

The next baby/camera that I would like to adopt is a Lomo Diana Mini! It is just a matter of acquiring the money to purchase, but I am looking forward to my eventual owning.

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FILM: expired (2005) Kodak Max 400 ISO
CAMERA: Lomo Fisheye 2

send me free film?