Sunday, 24 April 2011

paint, paint

Recently, I started painting. I've only begun, so I'm not that great (yet!), but so far, I am absolutely thrilled with it! Exploring different types of art is really exciting for me.

My family is full of painters, so I guess it feels a bit natural to be doing it - I can easily spend hours painting and not notice it. Right now, it is one of the few things that I can do without having my mind race to other thoughts.

To me, painting is really different from photography because the latter is an image of something that previously existed in some form before. Sure, the photograph can be edited and altered, but its origins were of something known. However, painting (and drawing) can be an image of something that currently exists or of something that came from inside the imagination. With that being said, it can make one or the other more difficult because of that. 

Well, this one was my first painting. In my English class last year in high school, I had a book about Andy Warhol on my desk and, of course, I started to redraw the cover. Instantly, I felt compelled to paint the image that I had just drawn. So, about a year later I finally painted it.

Dimensions: 10 x 8
Medium: acrylic paint

This is only my first, so I hope to improve..

Thursday, 14 April 2011

old and new black and white

I haven't taken a black and white roll of film since high school (about a year and a half ago). However, an opportunity rose and I took it.
I'm really happy with the results. I'm not used to experimenting with black and white, but after this I really want to continue.

These were taken with my Lomo Fisheye with Ilford (I forget the ISO - 200 or 400) film.

(Clicking them will make them bigger)

Wasn't taken by me, but I still adore it.

Everything after have been taken in the summer of 2009 with Kodak TMAX 400 ISO b/w film. These were generally a half-effort for my high school film class over the summer.

This perfectly describes how I felt when it was taken.

At first, I took a lot of sky pictures, and now I take a lot of food pictures.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


More pictures, as promised!
These are from my first roll with the expired (2005) Kodak Max film. Surprisingly, it was almost like it was not expired at all! 
(Click to make bigger!)

The rest below are from the North American Auto Show in Detroit.