Monday, 25 July 2011


My original goal for this roll was to multi-expose every frame, but I only ended up doing that to a few. Those photos really make me want to dedicate a roll to multi-exposure though.
This set is chronologically before my previous Detroit one. Included here we have Carly's first sushi trip, a night of immaturity, and 4th of July picnic! (I had my first burger that day too - pictured of course)

CAMERA: Lomo Fisheye 2
FILM: Walgreens 800ISO

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

go getters

Besides observing the sights of Detroit, I also took some film pictures.
After taking a few rolls with filters, I don't think I'm quite used to regular photos! Perhaps next time I visit Detroit, there will be odd colours. [:

CAMERA: Nikon FM10
FILM: Kodak Max (expired 2005) 400ISO

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

happy 2 be in Detroit

     Just like any other suburbanite, we all become curious about the city that ours' revolves around. In my case, this sun-like figure would be Detroit. On a day where the majority of my friends were busy, we remainders journeyed to the city.
     To most outsiders, Detroit is generally referred to as 'the ghetto' or 'wait it still exists?'. Parents often worry when their children say they are going to Detroit for the day and usually give advice to 'avoid getting shot/stolen/negatively harmed'. Like any large city, there is a crime rate and not-so-desirable areas, but there's still culture and a future.
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Documentation of my first time crossing over a freeway via walking. It wasn't really what I thought it would be like (no one honked or made loud noises). I only thought this because from my experience in suburban walking where drivers are fascinated by pedestrians and tend to make this fact known via unnecessary vocalization of their car_horns or voice_boxes. Detroiters are probably more laid-back/carefree. Also, this could have potential to be our album cover if we ever make a collaboration.

Attracted by the bright colours, I made my way closer to this 'mural'. I concluded that it was probably about Detroit after vaguely looking at it. Upon closer inspection, this mural seems to depict different aspects of the city, such as the Ambassador bridge (physical and emotional ties to our friendly neighbour -Canada), produce (Eastern Market or the increase in urban farming), and vivid colours and patterns (psychedelic drugs or chaotic traffic conditions).

My most ecstatic moment on this voyage. Upon visitation to a local Mexican bakery, I had located a 'macaroon'. This one did not look like the stereotypical macaroon that I had obsessively looked at on the internet. From my research, macaroons are apparently mostly a 'coconut' taste. This faux-roon confirmed this. I was neutral to the coconut-taste and mostly excited that I had discovered something labelled 'macaroon'. Thus, my search continues.

We, then, approached a large building called 'Michigan Central Station'. Originally built in 1913 as a part of the railroad system, its now is prey to graffiti and illegal exploration. I was saddened that such a beautiful building could be ignored by its owners to the point of this neglect. Maybe I'll buy it and make it my personal residence.

A little known past-time of tourists and locals is group-segway-riding. I feel like every time I go into a city, there is some sort of segway gang. Their motivation is puzzling and I wish to understand their ways someday.

This structure/portal was definitely left when Tom Cruise visited. Beam me up, XENU.

I went very close to, and at one point placed one foot into, this fountain. The 'water pressure' seemed to not be appealing to other people. My shin/foot area absorbed water and this pleased me.

Look! Detroit has buildings! There are still semi-tall buildings here. From the three that I know of, they are office buildings with some shops and a café. This is probably to appeal to both 'businessmen' and 'commoners'.

Here I am with the mysterious arm-making-a-fist-to-punch memorial. I felt threatened as I approached it, but I am thankfully too short to fall into its intended path of harm.

The purpose of 'walk-way' between two buildings was obvious. Briefly, I thought of something symbolic, such as the link between 'old and new'. But I just stared at it afterwards. It looks photoshopped in. Perhaps the new building had some extra materials and they felt like upsetting the old building with an arm-like extension. I wish to stand inside of it and feel suspended in the air.

Me with the Oxidized-Copper-Guardian-of-Detroit. He is always included in every slideshow or infomercial about Detroit. I really wanted to sit next to or on him, but he seems to be a guarded person. Maybe we'll email and build trust to eventually do this. His stance makes me believe that he is somehow related to the campaign face for Libra.

This is an example of the local non-human population. These 'pigeons' were very friendly and only waddled away slowly when I had approached them. If I wasn't surrounded by other humans, I feel that I could have wooed it into my arms where it could safely coo.

Into the Guardian Building I went, filled with art deco and some authentic Swedes that I watched from afar. I did successfully though make a new friend named Iced_Coffee.

 Iced_Coffee (now with some cream) and I in-front of this icon of Mother Michigan. She isn't as popular as her sister, Lady Liberty, for some reason. I gazed at and prayed to MM. I prayed for a better economy, a chance at a job, and for people to stop buying Japanese cars. I hope she answers my prayers and saves MI.

Now we're by 0 Mile Road, the father of all the other mile roads, including rebellious '8 Mile' and 16 Mile. In the distance is a majestic lion begging for citizens to spend money at his casino-lion-den. There are also some buildings where some 'car-bros' hang out and do stuff, like play solitaire on their computers or hit on their secretaries.

In Detroit, it rains 'triangles' inside certain buildings. This may explain the steady increase of the 'hipster' population in the city.

I'm being moved by the 'People Mover'. I was afraid that the 'mover' was going to fall off the track. Instead, a  family came and their children alternated between being cute and annoying via screaming. I spotted other nice things in the city and made mental notes to get my picture taken there another time.

The loss of my iced_coffee hit me hard and recognizing a comfortable place, I rested next to it. 

I had crossed into Belle Isle, land commonly fought over between Canada and America. Obviously, I had visited past its prime. On this particular day, many people had crossed over with their passports and other goods needed to 'have a great Saturday afternoon'. It was like Mackinaw Island but with cars. In the background is the 'skyline' of 'The D'.

     Detroit was a fun time and I wish to visit my suburb's origin again.~